MisAdventures in the Raw

one girl struggles with herself as she embarks on a mission to go raw

The Newest Me

Ok… So a while back a decision was made that the whole dropping the LBs and getting back into the grind of working out was going to happen. My roomie X was talking to me the other day and telling me he had been googling “crash diets” and wanted to know if I would embark on the “cabbage soup diet” with him- I was drunk so (the not so new me) so I told him I would consider it… although I can’t imagine how gassy and horrible it would make one feel.

Anyway I reached a compromise with X. So tonight after work we are going to hoof it up to the fareway on 125th (this is after i successfully change his mind and convince him that he doesn’t want to go to whole foods at 6pm on a thursday) so that we can get a whole bunch of stuff to start our misadventure in raw veganism.  Why, you ask would one want to do this? Well…

1. why not… it’s only 2 weeks- you can do pretty much anything for 2 weeks

2. I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to deprive myself of something i want but shouldn’t have

3. G will be getting hitched and now apparently Scktty and Mr. Z… so why not try new and exciting ways to reduce myself to tits and bone by wedding time

4. Apparently I’ll never learn

So gidde up, wish me luck and I’ll report back on the MisAdventure into Raw Veganism

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